Submitted by Don Hermann, Greenwich

We’re being attacked. In the air. Through the oceans. By our citizens. By foreign travelers.

We can’t go out. Hospitals won’t be able to accommodate us. There may not be enough food. Medicine. Testing capabilities. It’s insidious. It’s the Coronavirus.

We’re not safe. This enemy had sent clear messages of its intent. It’s coming to get us. Experts were telling us that up to 150 million Americans were going to be affected. Hundreds of thousands of Americans could die.

There might not be enough gas. Heat. Theaters closed. Sporting events cancelled. What’s going to happen to businesses? Will there be chaos? Rioting?

The stock market in free fall. Trillions lost. These were only some of the
things that could happen.

This is a different kind of war. Rockets and bombers and submarines and all kinds of weaponry are not going to win this one.

But what it does take is information. Anticipation. Prepare for the onslaught if and when it comes. If it does come, what medical facilities will be able to accommodate the patients? Is there a vaccine? If not, should we be working on developing one? How should we prepare the public ? How will it affect our economy? Should we be communicating with as many countries as possible to learn as much as possible? And help them as well?

But not to worry. The president is a businessman. He knows what to do. He and his key people would protect us. The situation was not dire. It’ll pass. Just give it a couple of weeks. President Trump is on top of it. He and his advisors are strategizing. Doing what our government should be doing.

Have a master plan. Collaborate with other countries. Share ideas. There’s plenty of time to go on the offensive. It’s only been two months. Listen to the economists and business leaders. Protect our money, Keep the stock market humming.

Close our borders to all Chinese people. That will demonstrate our ability to solve this one. We won’t have to worry.

It’s not necessary to attack this from every possible angle. We’ve refused the opportunity to buy testing equipment from other countries. We want to go on our own. We’re the United States of America.

After all, President Trump has demonstrated a unique capability for being more erudite than many experts in a variety of fields. He’ll tell you, for example, he’s a better strategist than most generals when it comes to
military operations.

His strategy to kill an Iranian terrorist leader was successful. However, it was not planned thoroughly, and resulted in a retaliatory bombing leaving over 100 American military people with serious brain injuries. He then lied to the American people about what happened.

Scientists take a back seat to him when it comes to the environment. There’s going to be 85 new rules targeted to the environment according to Harvard Law School. CNBC says environmental regulations that will protect our air, water, land and public health from climate change and fossil fuel pollution will be involved.

In his desire to keep unwanted people from entering our country, he intends
to spend 25 billion on a wall, without any research to support the

Lying is another issue. Maybe the major issue.

Seriously, hope seemed to be on the horizon. The battle can be won. Mike Pence had been put in charge of supervising a program to tackle the virus. It looked like there was some light at the end of the tunnel. But Pence lost focus. He spent much of his time kissing up to Trump and not devoting his time and energy to handling the crisis at hand. As expected, Trump again put himself back in the driver’s seat. One problem, his GPS is taking him in a direction one day and another the next day. No surprise.

Stay tuned. There’s a war to be won. Finally, Trump seems to be recognizing that the scientists are worth listening to. What the true cost in lives and money is a question that should be answered? Will it be? Who knows? If what they’re doing doesn’t work, let’s call in Barack Obama.

Don Hermann
Greenwich, CT