LETTER: Why Joe Kelly Deserves Your Vote.

Submitted by Jackie Budkins

I first met Joe Kelly when he was coaching my nephews on the GHS Rugby team. “Coach” Kelly was beloved by all of his players. He has incredible motivational skills and an ability to relate to people in a way that made his team want to play hard for him all the time.

Team building is not easy. Not in sports, and not in business. Joe has succeeded wildly in both arenas because he has the requisite leadership skillset we all hope for in our leaders. Whether on the sidelines, or in a boardroom, Joe always has his focus on achieving the best results for
his team. He is confidant but inquisitive, and always willing to listen to different opinions.

Currently, Joe is applying his leadership skills on the Board of Education. He has spent over a decade working with GHS students as a coach, and he always has their best interests in mind when it comes to their education.

Over the summer, he collaborated with his colleagues on the BOE and worked very hard to ensure that our public schools would open safely, and that students would have the choice to attend in person, or distance learn.

Joe has also taken a leadership role in the development of the new Cardinal Stadium. He worked hard to make sure that the new bleachers would provide accessibility for all of our residents, not just some. With regard to public policy, Joe has advocated for cutting wasteful spending in Hartford and is firm in his stance that taxes are already too onerous and should not
be raised. As a businessman, he understands that CT needs to be more accommodative to small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Joe was born in Queens, NY and chose Greenwich as his home 20+ years ago. He understands people. He is a consensus builder who will always make an effort to reach across the aisle and have a dialogue with those who disagree with him. Joe is ready made to represent the 150th district in Hartford, and I urge you to give him your support.

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