Letter: Voting is a Privilege Which Should Never Be Taken for Granted or Wasted

Letter to the editor submitted by Lloyd Hull, Sept 22, 2016


Voting is a privilege which should never be taken for granted nor wasted.  Each vote at the local level can change lives, regardless of how questionable the presidential pick may be. Livvy Floren has been an indisputable star as our Representative in Hartford since 2001.  She sponsors and supports legislation on such crucial concerns as the repeal of the recent hospital tax, the creation of an act to study cybersecurity and the bill to ban the use of pesticides on school grounds.  She consistently strives to protect open space from development, even including unused reservoirs. Her vision is innovative and far-reaching. She has earned great admiration from colleagues of both parties.

Livvy’s local commitments are innumerable and outstanding, ranging from the Presidency of the Greenwich High School PTA to leadership positions on Boards of the Greenwich Library and the Round Hill Community Church as well as in a broad spectrum of schools, garden clubs and civic organizations. She rarely misses a meeting, invariably arriving thoroughly prepared with insightful and innovative suggestions.

Please, DO NOT STAY HOME ON ELECTION DAY.  Your vote will matter for our outstanding local Republican candidates, especially Livvy Floren

Lloyd N. Hull