LETTER: Violating Fair Election Laws is Quite Serious

Letter to the editor from Samarpana Tamm, Greenwich

The BET democrats are under scrutany for illegal use of election funds and ignoring SEEC laws. They plead not guilty, it was only an oversight, nothing to see here. Yet there is something to see. This is extremely important, a violation of the Fair election laws is quite serious. Campaign finance disclosure provisions enhance the opportunity for public scrutiny and transparency protecting representative democracy.

Tony Turner and BET members, Jill Oberlander, Beth Krumeich, David Weisbrod, Leslie Moriarty and Jeff Ramer all agreed to spend over $200,000 to ensure the election of Democrats and give the BET Chair to the Democrats. Elaborate picnics with catered food barbaques, live music, DJ, face painting, magician, crafts, tables and chairs were rented to ensure a comfortable meal. All the candidates signs and mailers were on display, as were the candidates themselves. Each picnic cost thousands of dollars. The picnics were one part. Large mailers were sent, signs made. How could the BET, except for Tony Turner, not know that they needed to file papers? Jill Oberlander and Beth Krumeich had previously run for office and had to be familiar with SEEC rules. They are both attorneys as is Jeff Ramer! Now they all blame Tony Turner and plead innocent.

Ignoring the laws of the state by the Democrats on the BET is beyond comprehension. Miss Oberlander called the vote to establish a committee to investigate the democrats “an outrageous political stunt.” This investigation is necessary. The BET should be above reproach, honest and transparent. Obviously they are not the financial experts we once thought they were.

This is an election year. Unlike other years I am not just voting for someone merely because they are a Democrat. I am carefully considering how I vote. There is much to consider.