Letter: Urging a Vote for Rabin for Board of Education

To the Editor:

People who have children in Greenwich public schools will naturally take the upcoming elections for the Board of Education seriously and study the candidates. But so should people, like myself, whose children are now grown, and even adults with no children.

Why? Because a huge chunk of our local taxes go to the public school system, and we should care about how our money is being spent. Obvious questions should be: Are all of Greenwich children being served well? Is the quality of the product (education) what it should be? Is the money being spent efficiently and in the right places?

Given what I’ve seen and heard from the candidates so far, I’d say that Lauren Rabin is the most impressive. She holds an executive position with a high-tech company, she is personable and pleasant in her dealings with people, and she knows how to work in a contentious environment and arrive at sensible decisions. I think she would be an excellent addition to the BOE.

Personally I find it remarkable that even while holding an executive position with a high-tech company, she has been so active for so many years in our school system — both while her two boys were in the school system and after they graduated. And currently she is treasurer of the Greenwich Youth Football League. That fiscal intelligence is an important quality to have on the BOE.

Bottom line, I have no trouble in urging Greenwich Free Press readers to vote for Lauren Rabin in the local elections, which are now less than one month away.