Letter to the Editor: Oberlander Will Defend and Enhance Rights and Opportunities for Women

letter to the editor

To the Editor:

I write to strongly endorse Jill Oberlander for State Representative because Jill will defend and enhance the rights and opportunities for women in Greenwich and throughout the State.

As a longtime advocate for women on the state and regional level, I know well the profound challenges women face, including dramatically higher incidence of sexual assault, domestic violence, human trafficking, poverty, wage and job discrimination, workplace harassment, lack of healthcare and child care, as well as barriers to leadership and advancement in a variety of arenas.

Jill will fight for Greenwich women and girls on all of these issues with her intelligence, tenacity and genuine commitment to gender equality.

On November 4th, I urge voters to think about the mothers, daughters and sisters in their families and neighborhoods and ask who will best advocate for these women and girls in Hartford? The answer is Jill Oberlander.


Mary Lee A. Kiernan
Greenwich Board of Estimate and Taxation
Longtime advocate for women on the state and regional level