Letter to the Editor: Floren Has Respect of Colleagues on Both Sides of the Aisle

letter to the editorTo the editor…

For the past six years, I have had the pleasure of serving with Rep. Livvy Floren in the Connecticut General Assembly ( CGA ). What I have witnessed in these three legislative terms is a public servant who has the respect of her colleagues on both sides of the aisle in addition to the Governor, both when it was a Republican in office and now a Democrat.

From Glenville to Banksville, and from Round Hill to Riverbank, Livvy has been a steady voice for her constituents as well as a passionate advocate. She has proven that one can take an unwavering stand on an issue and do so in a way that does not lead to bad feelings with those on the other side of her position. I have found that is the key to legislative success; being a strong proponent of an idea, concept, and or legislative bill while respecting the opinions of others who may have a different view allows for consensus and the ability to work together on other issues down the road.

The people of the 149th State Assembly District have a treasure in Rep. Livvy Floren. The citizens of the State of Connecticut have a responsible and thoughtful  member of the CGA in Livvy Floren. We, her colleagues, have a leader we all respect and admire. She is, in the best sense, the Happy Warrior of the General Assembly.

I respectfully ask the good people of the 149th District to return my friend, and their champion, to Hartford to continue her good work on their behalf.

Fred Camillo
State Representative, 151st District