Letter to the Editor: Change Needed for 149th State Rep

letter to the editorThe following letter was submitted on Sept. 25 from Sergio Waldeck of Greenwich
There’s a current misconception that State Representative Livvy Floren chose to come out of retirement and run for office again because of some sort of popular demand from her constituents. The fact is that she was done with being a legislator (her poor attendance and voting record in Hartford can attest to that), and the only begging for her to run came from the Republican Party machine which could not find another candidate. Greenwich deserves better than to be represented by someone whose heart is no longer in the job.
I have actually been listening to the candidates for the 149th state representative district and frankly, I like what Marc Abrams has to offer. He’s a guy who actually has started and run a business. He’s sat on the Greenwich RTM, so he knows the kind of challenges we are faced with. He’s a bootstraps kind of guy who worked his way through college and law school, and he really feels committed to making his community a better place. He’s had to work hard all his life and it’s paid off for him and his really wonderful young family.
We all have a choice to make on Election Day. Vote for the past and return a nice but ineffective and ideologically rigid legislator whose heart simply is not in it back to Hartford.  The second choice is to vote for the future and send an independent-minded entrepreneur with a proven track record of innovate thinking and fiscal creativity who actually wants to represent the best interests of the community. Join me, and vote for Marc Abrams.
Sergio Waldeck
Greenwich, CT