Letter to the Editor: Bocchino Has Earned Support

The following letter to the editor was submitted on Oct. 21 from Clare Kilgallen, a parent at New Lebanon School

As a parent of two elementary students in the Greenwich Public School system and a third just a year from entering it, education in our town and state is very important to my family and me.

As an informed voter, I wanted to learn about Jill Oberlander and to see what first-hand experience she has with the Greenwich Public Schools.  Her website states that one of the main reason that she and her husband chose to raise their children in Greenwich for the “excellent schools.”  However, I understand that none of her three children attend public school.

I have nothing against private education at all.  However, two of Jill Oberlander’s children attend private school outside of the state of Connecticut.  What is so wrong with the educational system – public or private – in Connecticut that she feels it necessary to educate her elementary student children out-of-state?

I want a representative who has direct experience with our public schools, someone like Mike Bocchino.  Not only are he and his wife the parents of two young children in the Greenwich Public School system, Mike just finished serving as a PTA President.  He has advocated tirelessly for our children and has been a champion on a variety of important issues.   His dedication and involvement in the town is well known. Mike Bocchino has earned my support for State Representative of the 150th District.

Let’s have a representative for the 150th District in Hartford who really knows and cares about public education in our community.

Please join me in supporting Mike Bocchino on November 4th for State Representative of the 150th District.

Very truly yours,
Clare Kilgallen