Letter: People Against Tolls are Not Zombies and Trolls

Letter to the Editor submitted by Jon Redmond, District 11 RTM member 

To the editor,

What’s happened to Jim Cameron?  It’s absurd he is calling (In his recent column in Greenwich Time) those attempting to advocate for certain bills and policies, especially against tolls, zombies and trolls. Why would he demean people who are trying to have their voices heard?

We can only be better if more people engage and care about what is occurring in our state.  Name calling is beneath the reputation of the Greenwich Time and Jim Cameron.  It’s simply not productive.

I am happy that some Republicans are still actively engaged. I am happy that residents and constituents of both parties  are out there educating and fighting on our behalf. We live in a country that demands this.  Our state, which is in serious financial trouble, needs the input of all its residents and that input needs to go well beyond the voting booths.

Currently, there are four towns which have passed resolutions against tolls. These resolutions have been strongly supported by both Democrats and Republicans.

Additionally, voters approved a lock box in November for transportation funding because they wanted funds earmarked for transportation to do just that – be spent on transportation, not subverted into the general fund.

Support of a lock box was meant to stop politicians from playing games with these funds which they have done for decades.  It was not a vote for new tolls.

Rise up “zombies and trolls”. We need your careful watch and your continued energy and care.

Jon Redmond
District 11 RTM member