LETTER: PAYT Plastic Trash Bags Are Not Environmentally Friendly

Letter to the editor from Joanne Clark, Old Greenwich

Dear Mr. Camillo,

Did you know that single use plastic bags have been banned? May I please ask the underlying “real” reason for the sale of plastic bags to put our plastic bags of trash into in order to dispose of our trash?

Is it to fund the town coffers in order to pay for trash disposal? That is a tax. Is it to help reduce trash? Then provide education and teach alternative life styles.

More plastic bags certainly is not an environmentally friendly option. And the added employees and consultants required to handle bag sales and bag inspections is yet another layer of added expenses to the town. And, what about managing enforcement? Yes, more cost to track down the resident who did not put their trash in the proper colored plastic bag.

It all seems excessive. If the end goal is to reduce our trash then let’s work on that rather than mask the issue and lose sight of the goal.

Once you explain the reason why Greenwich has come up with this scheme perhaps a reasonable set of solutions can be found and agreed upon.

Certainly forcing residents to pay for plastic bags which are otherwise banned is not a sustainable solution and probably will not help us to reach the goal of reducing waste in each household and commercial business in town.

Respectfully submitted
Joanne Clark
Old Greenwich