LETTER: Joe Kelly has a refreshing can-do attitude

Submitted by Stephen Walko, Greenwich

They say actions speak louder than words.  In the case of Joe Kelly, nothing can be closer to the truth.  Joe “Coach” Kelly has lived his life, and has led others, not by his making speeches but through his actions.  Joe has achieved great success in the business world across the globe. However, when it came time to put down roots, Greenwich was a clear choice.  One of the best ways to give back to one’s community is to donate time to the endeavors of our children.

As a father, when GHS needed a rugby coach to carry on the proud winning tradition, Joe did not talk about it, he became the coach.  As the Head Coach, Joe worked to ensure that every player, no matter their color, creed or nationality, was given an equal opportunity to succeed and grow as a person. Through his tenure as the coach, Joe demonstrated success both on and off the field by growing the Greenwich Rugby Team into the family it is today. When the BOE was in need of a Board Member to bring about a consensus decision regarding GHS Stadium, it called upon Joe.  They did this knowing there is no task too great for Joe to tackle.

As your next State Representative for the 150th District, Joe will bring that same passion and willingness to address any issue to Hartford.  He will fight each and every day for what matters most to Greenwich; fiscal accountability, local control of our schools and zoning regulations, and smaller government.  Connecticut has been at or near the bottom of nearly every indicator of job growth over the past decade.  Connecticut has so much to offer but high taxes should not be one of them. 

Joe will not just talk about Connecticut’s poor economic performance; he will act to make Connecticut better.  Joe’s dedication to his fellow citizens by actually doing the work is what sets Joe apart.  Recently, others have tried to impress by stating their self-anointed virtues on their publications or splicing together clips and phrases to make it appear they are the better choice to represent us in Hartford.  Fortunately for us, no technology exists to splice Joe’s actions and no banner is big enough to list all of Joe’s civically-minded accomplishments.  It is this type of refreshing can-do attitude that will enable Joe to ensure that our interests are protected.  Please vote for Joe Kelly for the 150th District, a candidate willing to act on, not just talk about, real positive change for Connecticut.  

Editor’s Note: This letter was received in time for the Oct 26 at 12:00 noon deadline for submitting letters about the Nov 3 election and candidates.