LETTER: Fazio is a student of democracy.

Submitted by Stephen Walko, Greenwich

During this election season in particular, wouldn’t it be nice to have a candidate that is a student of democracy?  A candidate that sticks to issues that most of us can agree are the basic foundational obligations of a good and just government, namely public safety, quality education and the right to freely govern one’s own community?  A candidate that understands that throwing money at a problem rarely is effective?  A candidate that believes that there are many areas that the government should allow the private sector to handle because bureaucratic red tape is costly and capitalism works?  A candidate that appreciates the best and most effective way to handle inequality is to ensure that every student is given a quality education and equal access to the very best that a community has to offer?  A candidate that is free from self-proclamations and instead seeks the greater good no matter to whom the ultimate credit is given?  A candidate that is free from the drama that so often encircles political campaigns and instead listens to voices of the community?

Fortunately, in these unsettled times, such a candidate does in fact exist.  A candidate we can support to help guide the State of Connecticut out of its fiscal morass.  A candidate that will bring an unparalleled work ethic and sense of compassion to Hartford.  Please join me in supporting Ryan Fazio to be our next State Senator.  He will not only make us proud; he will work tirelessly to make Greenwich and Connecticut the best place to live, work and raise a family.  

Editor’s Note: This letter was received in time for the Oct 26 at 12:00 noon deadline for submitting letters about the Nov 3 election and candidates.