LETTER: Fazio has strong character and moral compass

Submitted by Jackie Budkins

I will wholeheartedly support Ryan Fazio for state senate representing the 36th district in November. I agree with his vision for our state and our community that includes lowering taxes for all and eliminating the income tax, Local control of our schools and town planning and zoning, support for our local police forces and better access to healthcare.

And these are important. Ryan’s ideas will create a state that is run more efficiently and helps our middle class and working poor and improves the educational standards.

But what has truly struck me about Ryan is his strong character and moral compass. He has returned home to give back to the community where he grew up and offered him so much.

He cares about education and thanks to the strong foundation that he received throughout his years in the Greenwich public school system and because he cares he has given seven years of his time to an inner-city charter school. And because he believes that all kids deserve the same
foundation that he received.

During the pandemic, he immediately volunteered his time to meals on wheels because some of their drivers were no longer able to help.
He spent time delivering much needed masks to hospitals and nursing homes. He didn’t just talk about it. He did it.

And he doesn’t talk about those things and so much more. He rarely takes credit. His passion to help our community thrive is unmatched.
So I would ask – is character important? I think it is and because of that and the strong vision Ryan has for our community that I will support Ryan Fazio on November 3rd.

Editor’s Note: This was received before the Oct 26 12:00 noon deadline for letters about the election and candidates on the Nov 3, 2020 ballot.