LETTER: Fred Camillo Is a Confident, Effective, Bi-Partisan Leader

Submitted by Ross Moore, Old Greenwich

In a time when our politics have become so divisive, Fred has stood out as a true gentleman, honest, decent, and willing to reach across the aisle to get things done. Mr. Camillo is certainly deserving of a second term in office.

After spending over a decade in Hartford (in the minority) as a State Representative, Fred has learned how important it is to collaborate in a bi-partisan way to unite constituents and produce good results.

Throughout his first term as First Selectman, Fred has treated everyone with respect and displayed a willingness to listen to all voices in the community, even those who may disagree with him. This is how all elected officials should behave, especially those who serve a community in a local role. Fred has had to govern during a particularly divisive period in America and has also had to grapple with the threat of a global pandemic. His handling of both speaks volumes about his leadership style and his ability to manage through a crisis. 

Upon his election, Fred formed a bipartisan, transition advisory group comprised of two Republicans and two Democrats. He also formed bi-partisan committees and taskforces to study solutions for complex issues like Greenwich Plaza, Waste Management, Re- Imagine Greenwich, Town Energy Policy, bicycling in town and the Hamill Rink. His commitment to include different voices with different perspectives into the public debate is an indicator of a confident and effective leader, and it sets a great example for others.

On the pandemic, Fred has done an incredible job balancing the needs of the community while always putting the safety and wellbeing of our residents first. Fred was ahead of the curve in opening Greenwich Avenue to outdoor dining. It served as an example for other towns to follow and saved countless restaurants from economic ruin. It also helped bring us back together in a safe way. The high vaccination rate and relatively low COVID numbers in Greenwich owe a lot to Fred for his constant communication with constituents and safety-first approach to this unparalleled crisis. 

Fred’s weekly Community Connections emails are a valuable resource to our community. Throughout the pandemic this weekly note from Fred was a must read for residents and it gave us all a sense that our local municipal government was managing the crisis. This was extremely reassuring. Communication is the oil to the gears of effective governing and our First Selectman has excelled at it.

Elections will be held town-wide on November 2nd. I strongly endorse Fred Camillo for a second term as First Selectman, and I hope you do too.

Ross Moore, Old Greenwich

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