LETTER: Election of Greenwich First Selectman is Not about Washington, Trump, Or Actions of Congress

Submitted by Michael C. Nedder

In November, Greenwich residents will go to the polls to elect candidates to multiple municipal seats. For the first time in 12 years, Greenwich will elect a new First Selectman. We have a storied past of tough and tumble elections but this election is different. This time the Democrat machine has taken to its game plan of trying to make all things not Greenwich. It wants to tag our local Republican candidates with all that is wrong at the federal level.

This election is not about Washington, the current President nor the actions of Congress. IT is about Greenwich, Connecticut. It is not about #Resistance, #Indivisible, or #Anything. It is about Greenwich.

For the first time since Peter Tesei took the Oath of Office as First Selectman, we will choose new leadership in the Town’s top office. Fred Camillo is the person to lead Greenwich going forward. He was born and raised here. He has worked in and for the Town. He has continually represented Greenwich in his role as State Representative for District 51 with effectiveness, honor, humility and dignity. Fred has represented everyone no matter their political affiliation and has exhibited an independent mind in doing so.

Fred works across the aisle in the best interest of constituents and not by ideology as his opposition would prefer to paint him. He wants what is best for Greenwich and its residents. He has a record displaying this and will continue to do so as First Selectman.

Greenwich continues to be a desired place to reside for many reasons. Our residents deserve a First Selectman who has the interests of our entire Town first and foremost. That man is Fred Camillo. A vote for Fred is a vote for Greenwich on November 5th.

Michael C. Nedder