Letter: Camillo Wrote and Introduced Bill to Extend Protections of on Duty Officers to Off Duty and Emergency Workers

Letter to the editor submitted by Jack Kriskey, Sept. 28, 2016

Dear Editor:

The State of CT is in desperate need of Legislators with good old fashion common sense. Fortunately, Greenwich has such a man in Fred Camillo.

A prime example of this lack of common sense in Hartford is the opposition to Bill HB 5273. This Bill seeks to extend to off duty police and other emergency workers, the same protections afforded to on duty officers.

If we ask these men and women to serve and protect while off duty, we should penalize those who would harm them in the same manner as if they were on duty. Fred wrote and introduced this Bill and has gotten support from both sides of the aisle. Unfortunately, though, a small but vocal group on the left has held it up for what can only be seen as anti-police bias.

We must send Fred back to Hartford to continue fighting for common sense issues such as this, in a place where common sense is unfortunately not so common.


Jack Kriskey