Letter: Camillo stands on principle. Frantz is hard-working budget hawk.

Letter to the Editor received Oct 3, 2016 from Greg Byrnes

To the Editor:

Polls show many people are conflicted over whom to vote for this election year.

For those undecided voters, I encourage them to support state Rep. Fred Camillo and Sen. Scott Frantz.

Rep. Camillo has an unsurpassed ability to stand on principle, while working across the
aisle to get needed legislation done.

And Sen. Frantz deserves backing  for his hard work as Connecticut’s best informed and hardest working budget hawk. The financial situation of the State of Connecticut has us
ranked near the bottom nationally.

These two gentlemen are working day and night to guide the state safely past the perilous shoals of financial ruin. Their continued hard work is need to get us through the dark days ahead and restore fiscal sanity to Connecticut.

Greg Byrnes

DEADLINE: October 28 is the deadline for letters to the Greenwich Free Press editor in support of  candidates in the Nov. 8 election.