Letter: Camillo pursues vision for natural resources and historical values

Letter submitted by Julia Chiappetta, Sept. 15, 2016

Dear Letter to the Editor,

Fred Camillo and I grew up in the same neighborhood in Cos Cob and enjoyed the beauty and safety that we took for granted at kids. We played on much quieter streets, skated and swam in the Mianus River, hiked the trails at Pinetum, enjoyed Tod’s Point and played sports on the many athletic fields available to us.

Much of the same beauty and safety still exists in the our town thanks to dedication of Fred Camillo and other who passionately tend to preserve the personalities of each neighborhood from Cos Cob to Old Greenwich to Byram to Belle Haven to Riverside to Glenville to Chickahominy to downtown, the avenue, mid-country and back country.

Fred realized and saw as a child a vision to keep the natural resources and historical values vibrant and alive and pursued that vision by sitting on committees, volunteering and now as our wonderful State Representative for the 151st.

Fred actively supports the foundations of our community, our Fire, Police and Emergency Services. Did you know that the two bills he authored are now laws that give volunteers protection from lawsuits, as well as giving fire police patrolmen the authority to issue tickets at accident and fire scenes where motorists are disobeying commands.

His passion for animals has led to work with various organizations that encourage compassion for animals, health, conservation, the environment, the small business owner and the youth of our fair town.

His rich history has proved him to be the outstanding man of integrity that transcends party lines, to focus on what is good, what is pure and what is right for all of us.

If you see Fred, please thank him for the numerous acts of kindness he has bestowed upon our citizens, families and especially our children whom he has coached and mentored all these years in own organized sports.

Fred is doing such great work that running against him seems folly and an impossible feat.

Please cast your vote for Fred Camillo on November 8th.

Julia Chiappetta

Cos Cob, CT