LETTER: Camillo has experience, honesty, integrity and honor

Letter to the editor from Gregg P. Numme

Trust, honor and Integrity are earned. In the end, it is truly, the only thing that we can actually call our own. We forge these virtues by our actions. Sometimes it’s the small things that may seem insignificant. Taking the time to coach the little league team. Taking an interest in the community. Fred Camillo has earned his integrity with action – not words. Talk is cheap. We have come to the hour of election.

I have been privileged to have been friends with Freddie for 44 years. Since Catholic Middle School. I served with him on the committee for the local dog park. Beyond the fact that Mr. Camillo has, as I do, four generations of family lineage here in Greenwich, and an unbreakable bond and love for the Town of Greenwich, he has 11 years of experience working his way around Hartford as a State Representative. That in and of itself is, or can be a maze of confusion.

We, the residents of the Town of Greenwich, are lucky to have his experience on our side. In terms of election, we should be putting aside all of the dogmas of any monikers; Republicans, Democrats, Et Al! What we need to be thinking about is absolute and quite simple. If we are not led off track by “Taking the long way around the barn!”

ANY election should always be about who is best for the position and who can actually accomplish what is necessary to get the job done!

Simple. If we are not swayed by making this something other than what it is. We are lucky to have a man, who has earned his integrity! And, is not afraid of getting his hands dirty.

Fred Camillo has the experience, honesty, integrity and honor. He is truly committed to the integrity of the Town of Greenwich. There are no hidden agendas. Here we have a man who really cares about all facets of the Town and its residents. We would be fortunate to have him represent our beloved Town as First Selectman.

His actions speak for themselves. He is the right man for the job. He has earned it. Good men are hard to find. We have one right here ready to sail the boat. We, as residents have found the elusive pearl. Now, let us rejoice that we’ve been blessed to have him.

All the best to you Fred. And again; Integrity is earned. You have with all your hard work and dedication. The time is upon us. I sincerely hope that we all do the right thing!

Mr. Camillo will fight for the Town of Greenwich. What more can we possibly ask for?

Gregg Numme