LETTER: Camillo and Rabin Will Continue Greenwich’s Practice of Fiscal Prudence and Restraint

Submitted by John R. Raben, Greenwich, former Chairman of the Greenwich Republican Town Committee

To the Editor:

People join, and then remain in, a political party because they agree with that party’s views on the critical issues of the day.

That’s especially true of candidates for office. The choice facing each Greenwich voter, particularly independents, on November 5 therefore is simple. Each voter who wants Greenwich to continue to be a highly desirable town in which to live and raise a family must decide which candidate’s and party’s policies are going to bring about that result.

Republicans Fred Camillo and Lauren Rabin are dedicated to maintaining Greenwich’s long-established practice of fiscal prudence and restraint. They do not want Greenwich to begin to rely on long-term debt as an alternative to making tough decisions today. Their opponents, on the other hand, can’t wait until they can borrow, borrow, borrow – and then hand the bills to our children and grandchildren.

Do you want to turn over the reins of Greenwich government to the Democrat party that is responsible for Connecticut’s fiscal debacle? Do you want the same disastrous approach to spending, bonding and taxes used by the Democrats in Hartford now applied in Greenwich? Do you know any family member or friend who has left, or is thinking of leaving, the state? Ask yourself why.

I urge Town voters to support the entire Republican ticket on November 5.

John R. Raben, Greenwich, former Chairman of the Greenwich Republican Town Committee.