Letter: Bhargava has experience, creative ideas

Letter to the editor from Karen Richard, October 28, 2016

I write to express my support for Dita Bhargava, Greenwich’s candidate for Representative in the 151st district. Our family moved to Greenwich six years ago, attracted by quality education for our children, reasonable taxes relative to neighboring states, a diverse family-oriented community, and proximity to New York City.

Greenwich is a wonderful place to live, but we recognize that our town needs a Representative who will be heard in Hartford, as well as a sharp, creative mind to help reduce our state’s enormous debt, and improve our less than stellar regional highway and public transportation services.

After a successful 20-year career in the financial services industry, Dita has decided to focus her time on serving her community and giving back.  She has fully accepted the challenge to run for our State Representative, and has knocked on over 3,000 doors in our district, sharing her ideas on tackling the issues our state and town are facing without increasing the tax burden on our residents.

Dita has creative ideas to improve the environment for our commuters including offering businesses incentives to use freight trains instead of trucks, encouraging freight drivers to travel at night (outside of commuter hours); and revitalizing the port in Bridgeport to put more cargo on ships, and organizing a private consortium to work with government on funding major transportation projects.

For more than a century the 151st district has sent Republicans to Hartford, and they continually get shut out of our Democratically controlled State Legislature.  Please join me in voting for Dita on November 8th and give Greenwich a seat at the table in Hartford.

Karen Richard