League of Women Voters: Be a Candidate for The Upcoming Municipal Elections

Letter to the editor from the League of Women Voters

Who Should Run for Upcoming Municipal Elections?

The League of Women Voters of Greenwich hopes that YOU will.

Election 2019 will not be held until November 5, when Greenwich voters will be electing candidates to run the important Town functions.

For the first time in almost 15 years, there will not be an incumbent First Selectman candidate.

Also up for re-election are the 12 members of the Board of Estimate and Taxation, 4 members of the Board of Education and 230 members of the Representative Town Meeting. Except for the Board of Selectmen, all other board members serve without pay, donating their time and talents to form a truly volunteer government for our Town.

Both Town Committees are at work to search for candidates to fill these spots. To make this volunteer government truly representative, residents need to step up and volunteer their services. Now is the time to consider nominating yourself as a candidate for one of these important boards.

Members of these boards make decisions that impact local property taxes, children’s education and a host of other critical issues impacting the environment, health and the safely of our Town and its residents.

What does it take to become a candidate?

1. Belief in your values, confidence that you can make a difference and have the time to commit to the effort;

2. Support from family and a lot of friends;

3. Understanding that at a local level proceedings are very muchhands on and visible;

4. Desire to give voters a choice and support democracy;

5. Willingness to work for and with people to help Greenwichcontinue to be a well-managed community

How to Become a Candidate?

The selection of party slates is the responsibility of the Town Committees. The League of Women Voters of Greenwich has published a Guide on How to Run for Public Office which is available on our website (lwvg.org) or can be obtained by calling (203) 352-4700.

Unaffiliated candidates are also welcome to run.

Now is the time to step up and become an active participant in our government. You will meet and engage with people whose lives you may be affecting.

How Will the League of Women Voters Help?

The League of Women Voters is a non-profit non-partisan organization dedicated to increasing citizen participation in government. As such, we:

1. Present fair and unbiased Candidates’ Forums and/or Debates. Every candidate is given the same information, questions, access, and availability.

2. Publish a Voters’ Guide providing information on candidates in a strictly non-partisan manner. The Guide is available on the League website. A separate electronic guide for RTM candidates will also be published.

3. Work to get-out-the-vote to increase participation in local elections, traditionally a low voter turnout event.

4. Hold public forums on important issues facing the voters. The League’s goal is to provide information to voters so they can make intelligent, informed decisions on Election Day. If you choose to run we can assure you that your candidacy will be presented in a fair and equitable way. We look forward to a strong participation from citizens in the governmental process.

Jara N. Burnett, LWVG President
Joanne Stavrou, Vice President, Voter Services