GHS Grad Says Band with Mr. Yoon Gave Her Confidence to Pursue Goals that Demand Rigor

In life, certain career paths demand that you be totally committed, while others do not. The GHS band experience required total commitment. There was no such thing as a casual band member, just as there is no such thing as a casual doctor or soldier. Band was better preparation for life than any other aspect of my GHS experience. Band gave me confidence in my own ability to pursue a goal that demands rigor.

Mr. Yoon is no different than any leader who elicits great performance from his followers. That kind of pressure is not for everybody, but typically, if a band member felt it was excessive, they would leave. We were all volunteers. I am sure if we were talking about a football team, the coach would not be put under scrutiny for pushing athletes to their limit. He often told us, “I never said it would be easy, I said it would be worth it.”

Mr. Yoon pushed me to attend a summer jazz camp, to participate in the Western Regionals, and to try out for All-State. I loved it all so much that I joined marching band for a year, wind quintet and jazz band for two and three years each, and volunteered at the band camp for a couple of summers. As a result of my GHS band experience, music has become a central fixture in my life, which will no doubt be lifelong.

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