Camillo: Thank you for the privilege of being your voice in Hartford

Letter to the editor from Fred Camillo, State Rep District 151

To the editor……

I would like to once again thank the people of the 151st District for the honor and privilege of representing them in Hartford as their voice at the State Capitol. Having grown up  and volunteered my whole adult life in our community, the opportunity to serve the good folks of the district in the legislature  is something that I take seriously and do with pride.

I also want to thank them for going on the record and not the misleading mailers and emails that were being sent out. It is now a  sad part of the new era of political campaigning where tearing down an opponent in order to build up one’s candidacy is common practice. However, we must  all endeavor to reject this style of candidate promotion and seek the good old fashioned debates on the issues and records. The voters deserve it, should expect it, and must, in the end, demand it.

For all those who put out a sign out, wrote a letter of support, and or voted for me…..thank you! For all those were engaged in any of the campaigns, contributed to the debate, and showed up at each of the town’s 12 polling places…..thank you, too.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me before the 2019 legislative session begins in January and let me know of your questions, concerns, and or legislative ideas.  Until then, I would like to wish all  a Happy Thanksgiving, and peaceful rest of the year.

Again, thank you all!

As always, my best,