Camillo: Tarkington Exemplifies Impressive Civic Service

Letter to the editor submitted by State Rep (R-151) Fred Camillo

To the editor:

Having served on both the local and state levels for many years, I have witnessed many examples of impressive civic service. These are the individuals who volunteer their time so that the town is not forced to pay for these services. Many are professionals who make sure the Town of Greenwich remains the envy of the state.

Leslie Tarkington is one of those special citizens. A member of the Board of Estimate & Taxation ( BET ) since 2006,  Leslie combines a strong work ethic, passion, educational background, and professional experience.

For 12 years, the town has been the beneficiary of Leslie’s dedication to making Greenwich run as financially efficient as is possible.

Leslie’s determined approach to the BET has always left myself and many others content knowing that the town is in very good fiscal hands.

Please remember to vote for Leslie in this year’s Republican primary on September 12th. She has truly earned it.

Editor’s Note: This election season, Greenwich Free Press, announces a change in policy on letters to the editor. We will no longer be able to publish every letter to the editor recommending a candidate that we receive. Based on the volume of letters received during previous elections, it is simply not possible.

The deadline to submit a letter to the editor for the Nov 7, 2017 election is October 30, 2017.