Camillo: In a new administration, I ask for your prayers, involvement, and ideas

Letter to the editor from First Selectman Elect Fred Camillo

With extreme gratitude, I would like to thank the good people of the greatest town in the nation for their support on November 5th. All of the letters sent to the editor, yards signs placed, bumper stickers and magnets affixed to cars and trucks, meet and greet events held, and votes cast meant so much to me, our campaign team, and my fellow candidates. To all those whose votes I did not receive, I will work hard at earning your trust over the next two years.

Our town is a treasure that we, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and unaffiliated voters, all love. This is why the many civic minded citizens are so active here. We never stop striving to make it an even better town in which to live and work.

With many significant challenges on the immediate horizon, my colleague Lauren Rabin and I will be looking to all of our friends, neighbors, and fellow residents to work with us toward solutions that are both sustainable and forward thinking. These solutions must stem from ideas that are vetted and have the buy in of an engaged citizenry.

I would also like to salute Jill Oberlander and Sandy Litvak for running a spirited campaign and offering their vision for our town’s future to the voters. Campaigns are very stressful on candidates and their families, and the past few election cycles have seen that stress elevated. I thank them for stepping up to run, and for doing so at a time when extreme partisanship has turned many off and away from public service. Communicating with them both right after the election reassured me that we all share a love of our town. Their civic pride and ideas are things that I am eager to encourage and embrace.

As I look forward to a new administration, I ask for your prayers, involvement, and ideas. As our 16th President once said, “with public sentiment, nothing can fail. Without it, nothing can succeed.”

Let us endeavor to exceed expectations, and do so with a healthy respect for all who engage in the arena of public service.

May God bless our wonderful town, and may God bless each and every person who calls it home.

Fred Camillo
First Selectman-elect