Bocchino: Camillo is A Statesman and Problem Solver

Letter to the editor from Mike Bocchino, Former State Representative 150th District

“The mark of a good leader is somebody who is able to empower other people. What made me understand leadership was when I could see somebody who thought they didn’t have a voice,
thought they didn’t have influence or didn’t have power, and
teach them how they could speak up on the things that were
affecting their lives.” – Barack Obama.

If I didn’t know any better I’d swear that this former President was talking about State Representative and candidate for first selectman Fred Camillo.

Fred has spent the last 10 years in Hartford as State Representative for the 151st district fighting for the town of Greenwich and empowering his constituents with a consistent
voice of reason in all aspects of government. He answers residents and business owners questions and concerns immediately. He assists them when other governmental agencies will not, and constantly communicates every issue that affects their families lives, their businesses and their community.

I had the pleasure of serving alongside Fred in the legislature for 4 years and watched firsthand his ability to respectfully reach across the aisle to colleagues from the majority party for the greater good of CT and specifically for the residents of our town.  I’ve sat beside him as we worked with leadership to craft a bipartisan budget and debate important legislation. I know that Fred will preform at an even higher level as First Selectman.

Fred is a statesman, a problem solver, well respected, intelligent and committed to excellence. I have never met a person in Hartford who didn’t like and/or respect Fred Camillo.

However be warned, politics and the political campaigning in Greenwich has drastically changed from years past.  New emerging political groups that rely on untruths and negative campaigning have taken the press by storm. Letters of misinformation and fabrications coupled with the continued distraction of national politics rule the day and often one’s record, job performance and character are purposely overlooked. Although I anticipate unfortunate letters and attacks by these groups, I ask the residents of Greenwich to rise above this vitriol and take the time meet Fred.

Send an e mail, pick up the phone or attend an event that he is at
or invite him to come (he will). I assure you that he will listen,
answer all of your questions with honesty and integrity and you
will find him to be a genuine person who will be dedicated to
every individual in this town and is exactly the right candidate
for First Selectmen of the Town of Greenwich.

Please join me, and many others in voting Fred Camillo for First Selectman of the Town of Greenwich on November 5th.

Mike Bocchino
Former State Representative 150th District