Two Cases of Omicron Variant Detected at Greenwich Hospital Testing Site

At Wednesday’s Covid press conference via Zoom, Greenwich First Selectman Fred Camillo and Greenwich Hospital President Diane Kelly gave an update.

Ms Kelly said Greenwich Hospital was treating 10 Covid patients. Of those, one was in the ICU. And of those 10, 9 were unvaccinated; only one was vaccinated.

“There’s that message, please get your vaccine if you haven’t done so yet,” Kelly said.

While there has been an increase in Covid-positive patients in the past two weeks, compared to a year ago the numbers are much lower.

As of Wednesday the Yale New Haven Health System was caring for 145 Covid-positive patients. A year ago they were caring for 447 Covid-positive patients.

As of Wednesday, Greenwich Hospital was caring for 10 Covid-positive patients. A year ago to the day they were caring for 39.

Ms Kelly said Greenwich Hospital was delivering dose #2 to children age 5-11, and will resume pediatric vaccines again in January.

In addition they will resume administering Pfizer vaccines and boosters in January. Appointments will be available soon on the hospital website.

Ms Kelly said that at Greenwich Hospital’s testing site there were two positive Omicron variant results on Tuesday.

She said one patient had no symptoms and one had very mild symptoms. Neither was being treated in the hospital. One patient was from Fairfield County and one from Westchester. Both were fully vaccinated, but it was not known if they had received boosters.

“We are seeing some breakthrough,” she continued. “Really do everything you can to protect your own health and those people in your world who you love and care for – and the general community. I would encourage everyone to get their booster,” she added.

“We really need to follow the experts and they’re recommending the booster,” she said.

“We still have to wait until we know a little more about this virus variant,” Camillo said. “People are looking into all these signs, and one theory is people who are vaccinated, their symptoms are very mild, but before we jump to conclusions, don’t panic and don’t alter your lives. Just carry a mask wherever you need it and we’ll get through it.”

Greenwich vaccination numbers by age group as of Wednesday, Dec 8, 2021

Since Nov 30 there was an increase of 98 Covid-positive cases in Greenwich.

“We’ve definitely been making progress. We all believed in the winter months we would see a slight increase, and we just have to hope that increase remains low and that it doesn’t spike,” Ms Kelly said.

“Please get your vaccine if you haven’t done so yet,” Ms Kelly said, also encouraging residents to get their boosters. “I don’t think this is the time for people to apply their own medical expertise. We really need to follow the experts, and they’re recommending the booster.”