Stephanie Paulmeno Achieves Recognition as Certified in Public Health

The National Board of Public Health Examiners (NBPHE) has recognized Stephanie R. Paulmeno, MS, RN, NHA, CPH, CDP, CCM, as Certified in Public Health (CPH).

With this accomplishment, Mrs. Paulmeno demonstrates not only a mastery of the core sciences of public health, but also a strong commitment to staying on the cutting-edge of public health issues.

Through this certification, the publics served by Stephanie Paulmeno can be assured that she has demonstrated a fundamental breadth and depth of core public health knowledge and will continue her professional development through the NBPHE’s maintenance of certification process.

Those seeking to verify a CPH credential may do so through the NBPHE’s online recertification system.

“With this new CPH class, the entire field is elevated to new standards and the health of the public can continue to be enhanced,” said Dr. Richard Kurz, chair of NBPHE and dean of the University of North Texas Health Science Center School of Public Health.” According to Kurz, the CPH process raises the bar for public health workers by highlighting the need for a standard benchmark for students and graduates and a certified dedication to the field.

“The testing was lengthy, arduous and highly comprehensive in its scope” Mrs. Paulmeno said of the process. “I was honored to have been granted the privilege of sitting for an exam largely reserved for people with a Masters’ degree in Public Health, thus allowing me to challenge that body of knowledge. I owe a great deal of my proven competency to having worked with Caroline Baisely, longtime director of the Greenwich Department of Health, and to Anne Fountain, the current Director of Health and Social Services in Stamford who was our Epidemiologist at the time.”

Mrs. Paulmeno was one of a group of selected people who was given the honor of sitting for the certification examination in public health following a critical review of her credentials and past life work experiences, despite holding her degrees in other fields of health.

Stephanie Paulmeno is the CEO of Global Health Systems Consultants, LLC, A public health consulting firm that she began in 2009 after serving seven years as the Director of Community Health Planning for the Town of Greenwich, through the Greenwich Department of Health. Mrs. Paulmeno is licensed as a nurse and nursing home administrator with degrees in nursing and gerontology and with National Board Certification as a Certified Care Manager, as a Dementia Practitioner, and now Certified in Public Health.

The NBPHE Certified in Public Health (CPH) program demonstrates that students and graduates from CEPH-accredited schools and programs of public health have mastered required core and cross-cutting competencies and addresses the need for greater recognition of public health as a health profession. More information can be found at:”