Backcountry Wellness Celebrates Its New Downtown Location

On Dec 15, Backcountry Wellness held an open house in their new location on Lincoln Avenue in central Greenwich, following an August move from 37 North Porchuck Road in back country Greenwich.

The business offers customized recovery treatment of eating disorders.

Back in July, an application for a final site plan and special permit from Back Country Wellness owned by Dr. Joanna Bronfman, was rejected by the Planning & Zoning Commission. The business, which operated in a residential neighborhood in a single family house, had been cited for zoning regulation violations for the better part of a year.

At Thursday’s open house on Lincoln Ave, between Mason Street and Milbank Ave, Dr. Bronfman  welcomed a stream of guests.

“We have day and evening programming for girls and women struggling with eating disorders and we now are seeing men for outpatient nutritional counseling, psychotherapy and groups,” Bronfman said.

“The location is ideal. The practice is doing beautifully,” she continued. “The practice offers nutritional counseling and groups. We’re doing a lot of outpatient individual sessions.”

Services offered by Backcountry Wellness:


  • Daily Programming

    Backcountry Wellness offers day and evening programming weekly. Participants may attend group therapy sessions, mealtime support therapy, individual therapy, and nutritional counseling sessions. Groups will vary weekly and include topics such as body image, mindfulness, coping skills, nutrition and cooking skills.

  • Group Therapy

    Offered on a weekly basis, group topics include body image, coping skills, nutrition, cooking and family. All groups are run by a licensed clinician or a registered dietician.

  • Individual Psychotherapy

    Backcountry Wellness licensed clinicians offer individual and family psychotherapy.

  • Individual Nutritional Counseling

    Backcountry Wellness has a registered dietician on staff to provide individual nutrition counseling. Each client is provided with counseling and meal planning that is customized to meet their particular needs. The dietician will work with all members of a client’s outpatient team (therapist, PCP, etc.) in order to create a comprehensive meal and treatment plan.

  • Mind-Body/Yoga Centered Wellness

    Certified yoga instructors work both individually and in small groups to encourage clients to rebuild the connection to their bodies while practicing mindfulness and meditation.


Backcountry Wellness is located at 7 Lincoln Avenue in Greenwich.
Tel (203) 992-1700.

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Backcountry Wellness

Backcountry Wellness is located at 7 Lincoln Ave in Greenwich. Credit: Leslie Yager


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