Off Duty Greenwich Cop Breaks Up Dog Fight in Pemberwick

Greenwich Police report that on Nov 22 there was an incident involving two dogs on Morgan Avenue.

According to Lt Slusarz, there was a man walking his dog down the road when another dog ran out of its yard and the 2 of the dogs locked on to each other.

The two owners grabbed the dogs and attempted to separate them, but couldn’t get the dogs apart.

Fortunately, an off duty Greenwich Police officer was driving by and saw the dogs in the middle of the road.

“He gets a shovel out and gets it between their jaws and unlocked them,” Slusarz said, adding that both of the owners were bitten during the incident. An ambulance was called, but the two owners refused medical treatment.

The owner of the dog that ran off his property was ticketed for letting his dog roam.

Back in July, another Greenwich Police officer happened to be nearby when a loose dog attacked a smaller dog who was being walked by its owner. In that incident, the quick thinking cop kneed the larger dog in the ribs to loosen its grip. The officer next jumped on top of the dog and initiated a choke hold, getting his wrist bitten in the process. A passerby assisted the officer by retrieving his snare from his squad car. From there, he was able gain control of the dog.

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