Meet Mr. Pricklepants! And His Lovely, Speckled Nose

Meet Mr. Pricklepants! At 9 years old and 53 pounds, Mr. Pricklepants is nothing short of a “dapper senior gentleman,” as quoted by those who know him at Adopt-A-Dog. He is a male pit bull mix with a beautiful, soft reddish-brown coat.

Named after Toy Story character Mr. Pricklepants, this reserved and loving dog holds quite true to his namesake.

He is incredibly easy going and would make an absolutely outstanding companion pet in the loving home he finds. At Adopt-A-Dog they believe that Mr. Pricklepants is truly looking for that person to be his “one and only.”

Mr. Pricklepants is loyal and gentle towards people. He loves walks of medium distance and could be totally compatible in a home with a well-matched dog.

While Adopt-A-Dog is unsure of how Mr. Pricklepants interacts with cats, if interested, that is something that Adopt-A-Dog is more than willing to look into. Don’t let that hold you back!

Mr. Pricklepants does well around anyone, particularly a home in which the children are at least older elementary school aged.

He is well-behaved, calm, and adoring of any thoughtful adopted or foster family willing to give this mellow dog a home.

Especially with his speckled nose, it will be hard to turn away from him!

If interested, Adopt-A-Dog is located at 23 Cox Avenue, Armonk, NY 10504. Their location is right over the Connecticut/ New York border and is easily accessible from any Fairfield or Westchester county home. Adopt-A-Dog can also be reached by phone at 203-629-9494.

An adoption event will be hosted this weekend, on Saturday, from 12:00pm to 4:00pm.

Come visit and bring Mr. Pricklepants back to a wonderful home!

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