Adopt-A-Dog to Host Summer Adoption Event on Saturday

Adopt a Dog is holding a Summer Dog Adoption event this Saturday, June 15 from 12:00 til 4:00pm, 23 Cox Ave, Armonk, NY (just over the CT state line) where you can meet great dogs like Dugan, a gentle senior pictured here with GFP interns Katie and Ellie.

We love Dugan for so many reasons. He is polite and enjoys meeting new people. This neutered male pit bull mix is both affectionate and well mannered.

We love that his teeth look like they were arranged by a toddler, and he has a huge happy smile.

You wouldn’t know it, but Dugan is 11 years old. Originally adopted when he was a puppy from Adopt-A-Dog, he had a decade with a loving owner who died recently.

Dugan found himself at Animal Care Center of New York. Fortunately he was microchipped and Adopt-A-Dog was contacted.

Adopt-A-Dog stands by their dogs and so, of course, they went to the city and picked up Dugan and brought him back to Armonk.

Dugan was confused and scared but has settled in and made new friends. The folks at Adopt-A-Dog think he could potentially live with another dog if it is the right match and could live in a house with children.

Dugan is a big fan of going on new adventures, and is equally enchanted with an afternoon nap. All he wants to do is cuddle up and enjoy human company.

They say that adopting a senior dog is one of the best things that a person can do, and adopting Dugan would absolutely be one of the best.

Volunteer at Adopt-A-Dog

If you aren’t in the position to adopt a dog right now, but want to help support Adopt-A-Dog’s mission, consider volunteering.

Socializing the dogs is truly beneficial to helping them get adopted. Adopt-A-Dog volunteers visit the shelter on a daily basis to make sure the dogs are getting the love and care they deserve while they await their forever homes. If you would like to learn more about volunteer with Adopt-A-Dog to give the dogs some love, visit the Adopt A Dog volunteer page here.