Cathy Kangas Foundation for Animals Celebrates 5th Anniversary with Special Offers

The Cathy Kangas Foundation for Animals, a registered charity based in New Canaan is celebrating its 5th Anniversary of Cathy’s groundbreaking work for animals around the world.

“Whether it is a senior dog languishing n a shelter, animals trapped n war-torn Ukraine, horses abused or sent to slaughter or stray dogs in the Caribbean, we are here to help with food, veterinary care, or transport to safety. We are passionate about providing a better life for all animals,” Kangas said in a release.

Have a 401(c)(3) animal charity that you think Cathy should support?

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Cathy is offering the public an opportunity to join her life-saving work by contributing to her Foundation. She will match all donations. Contribute via PayPal or Venmo here:

Since its inception, the Foundation has contributed more than $350,000 to fund the following initiatives:

  • Adopt-A-Dog in Greenwich, CT is one of her favorite charities. This shelter was established in 1981 and Cathy has adopted a total of 8 dogs from them. She also serves on their board of directors.
  • The Humane Society of the United States – Cathy is on the board of directors of this organization, the largest animal protection organization in the world. Her Foundation contributes to its efforts, particularly local, state and federal initiatives to pass laws protecting all animals.
  • NOWZAD run by Pen Farthing helps animals in Afghanistan. When the war broke out there, Cathy worked diligently with NOWZAD to bring its people and animals to safety in England. In addition, NOWZAD provides support by donating supplies of cat and dog food, medical supplies including vaccinations, microchips, and humanitarian support to animal shelters and animal welfare volunteers in Ukraine. NOWZAD did this by establishing a staging area in eastern Poland to ship these crucially needed supplies.
  •  Free the Shelters – The Foundation has paid adoption fees at more than 80 shelters in the United States and Canada, saving more than 15,000 animals- many of which would have been otherwise euthanized. During COVID, she paid adoption fees at 10 shelters that were shut down and could only do adoptions online. She saved more than 8,000 animals. Recently Cathy supported an event at Bridgeport Animal Control where 27 animals were adopted.
  • Squirrelwood – This equine sanctuary for abused horses and farm animals is also home to Crouton, the young calf that has become a Twitter sensation with more than 64.6K  followers
  • I Love My Island Dog – Cathy and her family visit St. Martin annually, where she became aware of the terrible plight of street dogs. After decades of supporting their shelter, she recently partnered with I Love My Island Dog for a massive spay/neuter campaign fixing more than 300 dogs. This is an ongoing project.
  • The Foundation supports ROLDA (The Romanian League in Defense of Animals) in its efforts to help animals in Romania and Ukraine.

In addition, Cathy swiftly responds to dogs she sees on social media that need to be rescued, require medical assistance or have been abused. She offers rewards for the capture and conviction of anyone who hurts an animal.

The Foundation provides funding for many local rescues and shelters including Project Precious Rescue Inc and Stamford Animal Control to help with medical expenses.

Help celebrate the 5th Anniversary of the Cathy Kangas Foundation by joining Cathy in saving animals around the world with your contribution.