Big Dog, “Bricks.” Little Dog, “Lilly.” Take Your Pick.

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Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 5.07.42 PM Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 5.13.02 PMLittle Lilly is so cute that at Saturday’s adoption event at Pet Pantry in Greenwich someone observed that she looks like a cross between a fairy and a squirrel. With her wiry hair, little brown ears, and sweet disposition, she won over many hearts.

In fact this little 9 lb, 5 years old charmer is a mix of Jack Russell and Chihuahua. She was pulled from a home in Westchester just 24 hours prior to the adoption event on Saturday, though no one would have guessed she’s had such a rough time. She was affectionate and friendly, and her foster reports that Lilly likes to ride in her lap in the car.

Lilly’s owner went to prison and her temporary caretaker was gravely ill and has her home in foreclosure. When rescuers arrived, Lilly’s “brother,” an English Bulldog, was found deceased on the floor.

Lilly is underweight and has never been spayed. Her rescuers at Cat Assistance have set up an appointment for that procedure on Tuesday.

On Saturday at Pet Pantry, Lilly met people and dogs, and got along with everyone. She didn’t bark or even make a peep.

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Alex Hofer and Pri visit with Bricks at Pet Pantry on Saturday. Credit: Leslie Yager

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Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 5.08.51 PM Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 5.08.04 PMLilly met Bricks, the pit-mix who was so happy that he blew bubbles, and despite their difference in height, the two got along just fine.

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Bricks six weeks ago enjoyed Sophie’s company, but still had a worried look on his face, a reflection of his trials. Credit: Leslie Yager

Bricks, who is being fostered by Heather from STARescue, has come a long way. His skin has cleared up and the worried look has vanished from his face. Bricks has also overcome many fears including fear of riding in cars.

On Saturday he ran and jumped in Heather’s car after the adoption event. Not bad for a boy who flat out refused to get in a car just weeks ago. Bricks is everyone’s favorite, and Heather thinks his ideal home would be with another dog.

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We profiled Bricks on Greenwich Free Press a few weeks ago, and there has been tremendous interest, just not the right fit yet. This is a very sweet boy, without the high energy associated with many pit bull type dogs. He walks nicely on a leash and is pretty chill.

If you are interested in meeting either Lilly or Bricks contact Cat Assistance a Cat Assistance Volunteer:

Contact Kerri Ann Hofer (for Lilly) at

Contact Tina Aronson (for Bricks) at [email protected]

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