Round Hill Association’s “Backcountry Neighbor Day” Set for Sept 21

What are your plans for Saturday, the 21st of September between 9:00am in the morning
and 4:00pm in the afternoon?

Come and explore Northern Greenwich and to bring a friend to “Backcountry Neighbor Day,” starting at The Audubon Center.

This summer, in addition to offering numerous nature camps, The Audubon Center hosted honey spinning demonstrations in July. Children and their parents watched a honey master scoop honeycombs into a drum, which the enthusiastic patrons then spun. As children turned the drum, honey dripped from a spigot. Everyone volunteered to do the

If you visit The Audubon Center on Sept 21 between 9:00am and 11:00am, Patricia Lovejoy will greet you with coffee and maps to help you explore the trails. You can discover many exciting programs the Audubon offers, especially those for Halloween.

Audubon Greenwich is located at at 613 Riversville Road.

Next, enjoy a visit to the Round Hill Volunteer Fire Company at 166 W. Old Mill Road and thank a firefighter between 11 and 1. Firefighter, Sharon Strain will be on hand to answer any questions related to firefighting. You can also touch a truck and perhaps even climb on it if you are lucky.

Flanking the firehouse you will find The Greenwich Land Trust with pollinator gardens and wonderful new trees.

Wander the grounds before you cross the street to the 200 year old Round Hill Store, a place where locals buy eggs, milk and butter, or pick up their newspapers. Proprietor Robin Vanacore will offer you complimentary cup of cider.

Round Hill Store owner Robin Vanacore stands with the store’s antique cash register, which although in good working condition, was upgraded to an iPad for Apple Pay credit card transactions. Photo: Heather Brown

If you feel like stretching your legs, the GRTA Trails off Bedford Road offer a view of wide skyline and stretches of level land for quiet walks. It will be open all day but parking is limited. Drive north on Bedford Road to West Lake and turn left; you will have arrived at your destination when you see the sign Nichols Property/GRTA.

You may have worked up an appetite by now, so drive west to The Griff Golf Course at 1300 King Street.

You can sample a complimentary taco at Backcountry Barbecue while you order your lunch. Sit outside to enjoy the view of the golf course as you savor the last of summer. And if you’re hosting a party but don’t feel like cooking, Backcountry Barbecue can cater your event. They do take out as well, so think of the happy surprises you can give your family.

Kathy Augustin with her award winning dahlias at Augustine\’s Farm. Credit: Leslie Yager

Have you picked out your fall pumpkins yet? Just up the road from The Griff is Augustine’s Farm at 1332 King Street. The Augustine Family has been an institution for years in Greenwich. This is the place to buy home grown fruits and vegetables, fresh cut flowers, home made pies and corn stalks. It’s also a terrific place to take photos amidst all those pumpkins.

Would you like to see some horses and ponies? Take a drive to Kelsey’s Farm at 1016 Lake Avenue, between 2:30 and 4:00pm. For years Kelsey’s Farm has taught young people the joy of riding as well as equestrian skills. Other afternoon sites include a visit to Banksville, the northern outpost of Greenwich, and home to attractive establishments in the Banksville Shopping Center on North Street.

Sometime between 2:30pm and 4:00pm make sure to stop in at Happiness Is, a charming market and café which also offers catering. Sample complimentary culinary excellence as you browse the toothsome specialties. If you missed lunch earlier, you can enjoy it there seated on old fashioned high stools.

Do you fancy a glass of wine? Visit The Study, a wine shop which features fine wines and recently moved to the Shopping Center. You can sample their excellent vintages at the wine tasting Saturday between 2:30pm and 4:00pm. Perhaps you will find a favorite wine as you quaff a glass.

Have you considered a new gym membership? Stateline Fitness, also handily situated in the shopping center, will be happy to offer you a tour of its facilities as well as a ten
percent discount on your first personal training session. Having made these many
discoveries in backcountry, perhaps you will want a short lie down with a good book.

Open all day –  Augustine’s Farm, Backcountry Barbecue

The GRTA trails – 9:00am to 12:00pm

Scheduled visits: Audubon Center 9:00-11:00am

RHVFC, The Greenwich Land Trust and The Round Hill Store 11:00am-1:00pm

Kelsey Farm, Happiness Is, The Study and Stateline Fitness 2:30pm—4:00pm