GPD Respond to Neighbor Dispute over Parking in Downtown

In some of the more mundane calls Greenwich Police respond to, officers diffused two neighbor disputes on Davis Ave over the weekend.

In the first incident, on Sunday, two people were at odds over the limited on-street parking in the area of Wilbur Peck.

Greenwich Police Lt John Slusarz said a call came in from a woman claiming there was not enough room for her to park in front of her house because a driver had parked in a way that took up room for two cars.

Slusarz said the on street parking spaces are not striped, but police were able to resolve the issue by asking the neighbor to pull his car forward.

A second incident arose Saturday afternoon over missing flower pots. Lt Slusarz said officers resolved a spat between a homeowner who had gotten into an argument with a landscaper over missing flower pots. “We went over there and resolved that,” he said.

Slusarz said these type of calls are frequent and police do their best to diffuse the situations.