Really? Greenwich Avenue Retail Citizenship Snow Fails!

A brisk walk with my black labs down Greenwich Ave around 6pm was a study in retail citizenship.

While active traffic lanes and parking spots were plowed beautifully by the Town, the sidewalks in front of individual stores were another story.

And after having spent two hours shoveling my own front path, driveway and sidewalk in front of my house — plus removing potential ice missiles from the roof and hood of my car — I might have had more patience for truant shovelers.


Moving down Greenwich Ave, Nika’s walk of shame started at Sephora.


Snow in front of Jewelry by Rose.


Vocab-fail at Ralph Lauren — store closed due to “INCREMENTAL WEATHER”

Maybe I’m easily amused, but in my 16 years here, I’ve happily stumbled on $20 bills on the sidewalk,  quarters sprinkled under the parking meters, and recently shook my head at the sight of an 18-wheeler wedged under the railroad trestle while police redirected traffic and the driver deflated his tires.



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