New Exhibit: “Of Art and Craft” at Flinn Gallery Displays Creations Which Are Unquestionably Works of Art

Art, Craft or Magic? The Flinn Gallery at Greenwich Library invites you to decide for yourself by visiting the show Of Art and Craft which runs until December 6, 2017.

Viewing: Phyllis Kudder Sullivan’s work, Studies with grey line. Stoneware / and or porcelain. Photo: Karen Sheer

Could it be ART is communication of an idea or emotion, while CRAFT is the physical manipulation of material?

Close up of Emily Barletta’s Pelt, 2007. Crocheted yarn. Photo: Karen Sheer

Nine artists display creations of glass, clay and fiber, substances traditionally considered “craft materials,” but worked with such talent, imagination, and skill that the resulting pieces are unquestionably works of art.

Porcelain sculptures by Jocelyn Braxton Armstrong. Photo: Karen Sheer

All contribute to the rich variety represented in this exhibit as the artists perform a transformation and create memorable, eye-catching pieces.
The ‘artistic’ element comes from the passion and expression that goes into the craft.

Blue Cave by Susan Eisen. Stoneware. Photo: Karen Sheer

Ellen Schiffman: Singular Stories from a Sizable Spool. Cotton twill tape. Photo: Karen Sheer

Josh Simpson: Megaworld, 2012. Glass. Photo: Karen Sheer

The show features glass works by Kathleen Mulcahy, Josh Simpson, and Adam Waimon; clay sculptures from Jocelyn Braxton Armstrong , Susan Eisen, and Phyllis Kudder Sullivan, and fiber explorations by Emily Barletta, Norma Minkowitz, and Ellen Schiffman.

When the ordinary becomes something extraordinary ~ it speaks to your heart.

“Of Art and Craft” Opening, October 26, 2017. Photo: Karen Sheer

Curators Leslee Asch and Barbara Richards at the opening. Photo: Karen Sheer

Curator Leslee Asch mentioned “It was very gratifying to see that in a crowded opening (over 200 attendees) people were taking their time and really appreciating the work. And, it was great to have 7 of the 9 artists at the opening. Each of them spoke eloquently about their work and process.”

Norma Minkowitz: Perils in Paridise, 2017. Crotcheted and stitched drawing with pen and ink collage. Photo: Karen Sheer

Norma Minkowitz: The Path, 2014. Fiber and Mixed Media. Contributed photo.

A vessel form by Norma Minkowitz. Photo: Karen Sheer

Kathleen Mulcahy: Swimming in Winter. Stainless, bent and etched steel, clear glass and glass drops. Photo: Karen Sheer

Fiber artist Ellen Schiffman at the opening. Photo: Karen Sheer

“An evolution in craft is now seen,” believes fiber artist Ellen Schiffman. Each of her works captures a sense of wonder. She combines traditional and experimental techniques to transform common materials; working lately in light, neutral tones that offer textures and shadows.

Clay artist Susan Eisen at the opening. Photo: Karen Sheer

“I let the work flow through my hands, and intuition guides me,” explains Susan Eisen about her hand-built clay sculptures.

At the opening. Photo: Karen Sheer

At the opening. Photo: Karen Sheer

Debra Fram and Barbara Richards at the opening. Photo: Karen Sheer

At the opening. Photo: Karen Sheer

Taking a closer look at a fiber art work by Emily Barletta. Photo: Karen Sheer

Crafts come out of the mind, and need considerable practice to come out with world-class forms. Skill in craft can be acquired with vast experience.

In this show, craft artists elevate their results to a sphere beyond the ordinary. We can see that a truly great piece of art demonstrates a high level of craft skill in addition to artistic flair and concept.

Leslee Asch and Barbara Richards are the curators of Of Art and Craft.

Flinn Gallery is a not-for-profit and volunteer-run gallery featuring 6 art exhibits annually in all mediums from a wide range of periods, visions and techniques.  Artwork is for sale and commissions from sales support the programs of the Friends of Greenwich Library.

Flinn Gallery is open daily Mon-Sat 10-5, Thurs. until 8, and Sun. 1-5.  Flinn Gallery, Greenwich Library, 2nd floor, 101 W. Putnam Ave., Greenwich CT 06830, tel. (203) 622-7947.  Free and open to the public. Free parking is available.

Sunday, November 5 at 2pm – Artist Talk in the Gallery: Susan Eisen, Norma Minkowitz and Ellen Schiffman.

Saturday, November 18 from 10am – 4 pm – A One Day Tax-Free Affordable Craft Sale of items priced below $300. Come shop at this exciting one-day sale of affordable and unique jewelry, ceramics, felt vases, scarves and glassware by carefully chosen artisans. Do your holiday shopping early…for friends and family; and find something hand-made for yourself!

All purchases of art in the gallery will be tax- free as well.