Meet Jen Danzi, the Force Behind Greenwich Restaurant Week

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Remy Cook interviewed Jen Danzi this week for Party With Moms. Danzi is busy with an 18-month-old, Jones,

and planning restaurant week in Greenwich, which runs Nov. 13-19. Restaurant Week kicks off with a party Wednesday, November 12 in the newly renovated Miller Motorcars Ferrari Maserati showroom. The Transportation Association of Greenwich (TAG) is the beneficiary of the kick-off party.

Danzi’s interview with Party With Moms is refreshing for its honesty. Asked her favorite food and restaurant she answers, simply, “Leftovers,” admitting that she has no clue how to cook.  “Luckily my husband loves to cook and Greenwich is filled with awesome restaurants,” she says.

Read the entire interview on the Party With Moms site.

Jen Danzi is a  well known marketer in Greenwich. One of her current projects in Greenwich Restaurant Week coming up in November. To read Remy’s full interview click here.