Momtourage: It Takes A Village! This Time I Had to Ask for Help.

I went back to work this year…after almost 11 years of being full-time stay at home super mom. Celebrating a little bit, but I like to think that I gave it everything I had, and mostly succeeded with happy, healthy, thriving, curious kids.

I went back to work VERY part-time at the beginning of the school year, only 10 hours a week or so…not much for the usual working mom, but for someone who has devoted 150% of her time to her children for as long as she they have been in existence, this was a BIG deal.

Earlier in the week, we had our first weather related delay of the school year! My children had a 2-hour delay at the Greenwich Public Schools. The preschool where I work had a 1-hour delay. I have no family near by to help, and we magnet to the elementary school that my girls attend, so they don’t have a bus that takes them.  The middle schooler does now, which is so helpful! Biggest question of the morning…how do I get them to school on time AND get to work on time?

Not to worry!! Not only is the preschool where I work incredibly understanding and flexible…the REAL reason I’m writing this message is because I got several texts from my village of amazing friends asking if they could help in any way so that I could get to work.  “Drop the girls here on your way if you need to”, “My mom is taking the kids, so feel free to drop them off if you need help”…I felt so grateful and overwhelmed with the fact that  that this town where some days I wonder why I live here, constantly sends me reminders like this. I have a village and as moms, we need a village. We need help. We need friends and a MOMTOURAGE to get us through the little and the significant challenges of parenting! Thank you to my village. You know who you are!

Snow days and every day, your Momtourage will be an integral part of your feeling of success as a parent. They will help us celebrate our successes and learn from our failures! They lift you up when you’re down, they lend a hand when you feel like you don’t have enough. They will pick your kids up if you’re running late to school pick up, and they might even wipe your child’s nose if you don’t have a tissue! In the crazy of life, our village can help us with so much.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it! I’m still working on that one… but the momtourage is there for you!

Email us your questions and we will try to answer them thoughtfully and even humorously when appropriate!

Hugs from the Momtourage during this very hectic holiday season!

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