Beware, More Cars Stolen on Halloween Than Any Other Holiday

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With Halloween approaching, LoJack Corporation released its top tips for car owners to protect their vehicles and assets. Historically, more cars have been stolen on Halloween than any of the other major holidays, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s 2012 Holiday Theft Report.

According to the report, on average more than 2,300 vehicles fall victim to theft on October 31st each year. To avoid becoming a victim of Halloween auto theft, help protect your assets by adhering to the following safety tips:

  • Don’t forget about your valuables: Even if you are just traveling around the neighborhood, never leave valuable assets inside the car.
  • Always remember your keys: If you do decide to venture out on Halloween, never leave your keys (or key fob) inside the car or leave the car running.
  • Make noise, lots of noise: The easiest way to protect your car is through the combination of an alarm and a recovery device, such as the LoJack® Stolen Vehicle Recovery System. Anything that makes noise can help ward off thieves.
  • Light is your ally: Make sure to park in well lit, populated areas. Thieves are more inclined to target dark, unattended areas for theft.

Halloween is often thought of as a prankster’s holiday that attracts any and all kinds of criminals, but what’s at risk is more than joy rides and petty crime.

Criminals are smarter, more educated and aware of how to steal in the dead of night.

LoJack systems are directly integrated with law enforcement, and can assist in tracking  vehicles hidden in steel shipping containers, concrete garages or dense foliage. The LoJack System is covert, because it is difficult to find and disengage the system.



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