Rotarians Get Busy Packing the Backpacks for Big Giveaway

Despite the heat, the Greenwich back-to-school vibe is heavy in the air. On Wednesday a group that includes staff from Greenwich’s social services department and members of the Rotary Club got to work stuffing backpacks on the third floor of Town Hall.

About a dozen people formed an assembly line, filling a total of 251 backpacks to be given for free to Greenwich children. The assembly line was briefly punctuated by a visit from Vineyard Vines staff.  The company did a collection drive among employees, and on Wednesday they delivered box loads of supplies.

Around noon volunteers checked the 6th grade backpack list: Erasers, highlighters, pencils, pencil pouch, spiral notebooks, loose leaf paper, pens and glue sticks. According to Alison Brush, who was joined by Brush was joined by Cynthia Bowser and Carol Carino of the Town’s social services department, the backpacks can make a big difference for local families. “The Rotary Club has been very generous,” she said. “This is the seventh year they’ve organized this event.”


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“Especially for families with multiple children, it’s expensive,” she said of the required list of supplies. “Each school has a different list, but we give the main items specified for each grade.”

In addition to backpacks stuffed with school supplies, Brush said children are provided a free scientific calculator. “We give them out to all 6th graders, but if there is a new kid in 7th or 8th grade who doesn’t have one, we try to provide them one,” she said.

“All this is arranged in advance,” Brush said. “The backpacks are organized for children of clients,” On Thursday 251 children will arrive to collect the 251 backpacks stuffed with supplies on Wednesday.

Sydney Jee

Sydney Jee takes a break in a pile of backpacks at Town Hall. Credit; Leslie Yager

Sydney Jee

Sydney Jee, 9, helps Rotary Club volunteers at Town hall on Monday. Sydney’s dad, John Jee was key in organizing the backpack drive. Credit: Leslie Yager

backpack stuffing

Kathy DiGiovanna works her way down the assembly line filling backpacks in time for Thursday’s giveaway. Credit: Lesie Yager

Jyan Jee

Ryan Jee wheels a trolly full of stuffed backpacks in Town Hall. Credit: Leslie Yager


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