Needs Clearing House Seeks Help for Severely Autistic Teen’s Hearing Aids

Joe Kaliko of Needs Clearing House writes that Mikey is a 19-year-old-Greenwich resident, who has multiple medical issues.  He is severely autistic, MR, Small brain syndrome and has a major seizure disorder.  Mikey requires 24 hour hands-on care.  His mom, Justine, is his primary care provider.  There are part time care givers who come to the home to help.  She struggles to work and care for him.

This week both of Mikey’s hearing aids were broken and the repair is not covered by insurance and the cost to replace them is $3,600.

He has bilateral hearing loss due to multiple ear infections as a child. Due to Mikey’s age, 19, many of his services have been cut.

This has made it challenging to keep food in the house and make repairs to mom’s vehicle, which is not drivable at this time, to make it safe to drive to get her to work and Mikey to doctors’ appointments.

Over the last year Mikey’s seizure disorder has been out of control and he has required several emergency room visits, hospital admission and trips into NYC to see specialists.  When Mikey is in the hospital or has one of his many doctors appointment s mom is always present and therefore unable to work at times.

In addition, Justine has had her own health issues.  Because she has always put Mikey and his needs first, these health issues have now created major problems in her life.

Can you help us get the hearing aids? The goal is $3,600.

Please consider donating to the Needs  Clearing House at 233-9 Milbank Avenue  Greenwich, CT 06830; or visit the Needs Clearing House website to donate at:

All donations are tax deductible. Please earmark your donation “for Mikey”