Korean War Veteran’s Wish to See a Yankees Game is Filled by Needs Clearing House

Last Saturday a 90-year-old Korean War veteran’s wish came true. Ed Topor had always dreamed of attending a Yankees game.

Our friends at Needs Clearing House got word and then they got busy.

State Rep Fred Camillo and Joe Kaliko, the founders of NCH, helped arrange for Mr. Topor’s wish to come true.

Mr. Camillo secured the donated tickets. Then NCH gave Mr. Topor spending money. Up in the Hartford area where Mr. Topor lives, Sharon Gauthier, the main person behind the wish-come-true, secured the limousine which arrived to pick up Mr. Topor and whisk him off to the ballgame in style.

“It is a heartwarming story as everyone loves this man in Hartford,” Camillo said. “He has no family, so we made sure the day would be a special one for him!”

Judging from the photos, the day was indeed special. Thank you, NCH for all you guys do!

Ed Topor

Ed Topor is a veteran of the Korean War. Contributed photo, Sharon Gauthier

Sharon Gauthier and MR. Topar

Sharon Gauthier and Mr. Topor. Contributed photo, Sharon Gauthier


The stretch limousine arranged by Sharon Gauthier for Mr. Topor’s ride to the Yankees game from Hartford. Contributed photo

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 9.17.18 AM

Mr. Topor ready for his ride to the Yankees game. Contributed photo, Sharon Gauthier


He made it! Mr. Topor relaxing at the Yankees game. contributed photo Sharon Gauthier


Making friends in Yankee Stadium. Contributed photo, Sharon Gauthier


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