Greenwich Scholarship Association to Award $500,000+ on June 14

Greenwich Scholarship Association (GSA) has concluded its allocations process and scholarship recipients will receive their awards at Greenwich High School on Friday, June 14.

Each year, GSA matches need-based scholarships from more than 100 local sponsors to help students bridge the gap between rising college costs and their funding resources.

This year, GSA will connect 122 students with scholarships totaling more than $500,000.

In contrast to prior years, GSA awards will be distributed individually to students after graduation rehearsal, rather than in a public awards ceremony.

GSA was founded in 1972 as an umbrella organization to support the administrative needs of nearly 30 separate scholarship funds set up by local community organizations and families. Today, GSA manages scholarships from more than 100 sponsors and its own endowment of over $6.5M.

GSA matches qualified students with needed funds without any fee. Awards are allocated based on individual review of each student’s educational costs, financial aid received and family ability to meet costs, including consideration of a written application and a personal interview. The work of GSA is done by approximately 25 board members who give more than 1,500 volunteer hours each year in administering the application process, reviewing candidates and matching awards to students.

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GSA is very fortunate to receive donations each year from local community organizations, civic groups, local businesses and families with memorial awards who have been consistently funding awards, in some cases for 25 or 30 years.

GSA is privileged to have 110 sponsors who give amounts determined by the sponsor as “named awards” to students meeting their criteria. GSA has designed a selection process that includes a written application and a personal interview. Because we are an all-volunteer organization with few expenses, we do not charge our sponsors for this service.

No, each student receives an amount determined by the cost of his chosen school, the amount of the financial aid offered by that school and the family’s ability to meet the costs of college.

Scholarship funds are sent directly to the college or university where the student will attend.

A student is deserving of assistance when all forms are completed, the personal interview and distribution meeting are attended and the student’s grades, activities and character suggest a worthy investment in the student’s future.