Food Truck + Greenwich Ave = Wendy’s Weenies

On Greenwich Ave in between all the luxury brand stores and $40 a plate restaurants sits one of the Ave’s most popular eateries: Wendy’s Weenie’s.

Wendy’s is the food truck that has made it amongst all the posh loveliness and assorted bling of Greenwich Ave, reigning supreme in her permanent ‘spot’ in the parking lot adjacent to the Board of Ed building. There are no tables and chairs, but you can grab a park bench just steps away in Havemeyer Park.

Wendy ketchup

Wendy adds the ketchup to a dog.

On the Ave, Wendy’s is the great equalizer. Her patrons consist of a mixed blend; from skateboarders to tailored suits, from well-heeled women to police officers and everybody in between.

So who is Wendy? How did she get to do what she does on Greenwich Ave?

Wendy grew up in New London, CT and now lives in Stamford. She started her Weenie truck business about two years ago, but Wendy didn’t just fall into this opportunity with a mad stash of hot dogs and a hot lead on a food truck. For Wendy it’s personal.

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 3.35.33 PM

Wendy’s has a steady flow of customers every day. Credit: Rose Zivic

When Wendy was a little girl, she grew up sitting alongside her grandma as her grandma prepared hot dogs from her truck in New London. Wendy was her grandma’s sidekick.

And since all good memories are associated with a scent, for Wendy the salty scent of a perfectly cooked hot dog with a sumptuous topping like sauerkraut, chili or bacon, brings her as much happiness as it does the lucky folks she serves daily.

And serve them she does!

Wendy serves about 600 dogs a week!

Wendy’s sells only premium Sabrette’s skinless dogs. On an average week she cooks up out about 600 of ‘em. During her busy summer season it’s not uncommon to see a line of people waiting to take their favorite Wendy’s lunch to go. Some of her best sellers are The Joey, with mustard, kraut and pickles, The Sophie with cheese, bacon, ketchup and mustard, and the Eli Manning with chili and cheese.

But if you’ve ever passed-up Wendy’s truck because you’re not in the mood for a hot dog, think again. Wendy’s serves more than just dogs. Everyday she cook’s up breakfast sandwiches, BLT’s, burgers, grilled cheese and her famous Wendy’s Meatloaf that has hooked many! “According to my regulars, my meatloaf is legendary,” Wendy boasts.

wendy menu

Wendy’s is open for biz Monday through Saturday, 11:30AM-2:30PM. You can book her truck for private parties, or you can bring the party to her truck.

It should be noted that Wendy’s three kids occasionally lend a hand on the truck. Among the mix of family helpers is Wendy’s own granddaughter…who sits alongside her grandma as she prepares hot dogs from her truck. 

I guess the hot dog bun doesn’t fall too far from the tree.