Boy Scouts Hosts Drive Through Registration: Scout Me In!

On Tuesday night Greenwich Scouting held a “drive through registration” at Greenwich Town Hall.

“Scout Me In” was a novel approach to staying safe during Covid, and an example of how Scouting has adapted.

Families and Scout leaders wore their face masks and it was a great chance for potential scouts to ask questions and meet key people.

At the Scout Me In drive through registration at Greenwich Town Hall Cindy DiPreta from Pack 23, which includes kids from North Mianus School and Greenwich Country Day School talks to a family about Greenwich Scouting. Sept 15, 2020 Photo: Leslie Yager
The Magaliks – Charlie, 9, and his father Rich, who recently relocated to Cos Cob from Fairfield, attended the drive through registration on Tuesday. They learned about pack 20 where the Cub Master is Chris Asmis. Sept 15, 2020 Photo: Leslie Yager

“Scouting has kept going through the pandemic. We never stopped,” said Chris Roehler, Senior District Executive, adding that the drive-through registration was a good example. “We had six or seven kids in just the first half hour.”

“All the units are adapting to find ways to meet, and one of the ways is to use Seton Scout Reservation,” Roehler added.

Wherever possible Scouting events are held outdoors, and Seton Reservation offers 240 acres right here in Greenwich.

And while there was no in-person camp this summer, there were plenty of activities for the kids including ways to work on their scout skills and earn merit badges.

“In May both the Cubaree and Camporee were held virtually,” Roehler said. “Families participated in scouting activities in their own back yards, while organizers played a virtual campfire. They were able to tune into that, and do activities on their end.”

Cub Scouts did family activities like going for walks in their neighborhoods, pointing out something they’d never seen before, and picking up some trash along the way.

Boy Scouts did family activities like bike rides with their parents or setting up a tent in their back yard, or even inside their homes, and staying in them overnight.

“The kids loved it. They had such a good time with it,” Roehler said.

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“We were able to keep our system and programming going because the kids already knew everybody. We just modified to Zoom and transitioned to that platform.”

Chris Roehler, Senior District Executive

Scott Stewart, 20-year Scout Ranger at Seton Scout Reservation, said during the pandemic it had been great to see children enjoying the outdoors.

“It’s nice getting the kids out of the house and into the woods to learn about nature,” he said.

“Scouting in Greenwich is hotter than ever,” said Cindy DiPreta from pack 23. “Parents are here now because Covid has made them available to enjoy scouting with their kids. In fact, Covid has encouraged all of us to enjoy the outdoors more, which is a large part of what Scouting is about – Scouting put the outing in Scouting!”

More information on joining Greenwich Scouting is available on their website.

Greenwich Scouting leaders on hand for the “Scout Me In” drive through registration on Sept 15, 2020 Photo: Leslie Yager
Brian Amen from Pack 35, Cindy DiPreta from Pack 23, Scout Ranger at Scout Ranger Scott Stewart and Kris Zawadzki from Pack 6 at the drive-through registration “Scout Me In.” Sept 15, 2020 Photo: Lelsie Yager