Greenwich Performing Arts Presents “Take a Bow”

Greenwich Performing Arts, a not for profit organization is happy to announce a new division of the company: Take A Bow.

Greenwich Performing Arts, serving Fairfield and Westchester Counties, is
branching out through Take a Bow and is now proud to enroll students across the country with classes and workshops held via Zoom.

When the world began to crumble in March, shutting down daily life as we know it, many small businesses were at a crossroads, challenged with how to proceed, how to engage the community and how to move forward.

As the owner, Michelle Marceau had to reevaluate how all the classes would be conducted considering the importance of collaboration and face-to-face communication in youth performing arts.

So how to continue teaching choreography or gathering around the piano to learn a melody? And how to continue implementing crucial public speaking and communicative skills through musicals, plays, commercials, monologues and more?

Marceau said answering these questions felt fruitless at times, as questions were met with more questions, and uncertainty as COVID-19 unfolded.

Hence Take A Bow was born!

When children and teens feel isolated and have no creative outlet, problems can occur. Communication skills, self- confidence, listening and observation skills, creative thinking and decision making skills can all suffer.

“The work we are doing is far too important to stop for any reason. We will continue to find ways to serve the community and beyond and to do what we love- giving each individual child the chance to build confidence, grow in their talent and learn in their own way, which isn’t possible in large scale community ensemble productions and programs,” Marceau said.

Classes including Online Acting, Musical Theatre, Improv and On Camera give the students a feeling of community and connection which is are important now.

All classes are limited in size and are taught by Industry professionals – Frank Mastrone, Daniel Cosgrove, Todd Etelson and Michelle Marceau.

“While most theatre programs are about ‘putting on a show,’ we at Greenwich Performing Arts and Take a Bow, concentrate on bringing out the best in each student while remaining future oriented,” Marceau explained.

Learning to be creative, flexible and to think out of the box is even more necessary now.

The Performing Arts has a “real world” application that will make individuals more prepared and adaptable as we move forward in this ever changing climate.

“The Arts are not unimportant and disposable… They Are The Answer,” Marceau said.

More information about Take A Bow is available online.